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About us

A bit about Crossfit Asphodel, Hong Kong's original crossfit gym

Founded in 2010, CrossFit Asphodel (pronounced AS-FO-DEL) was one of the pioneers of the sport of fitness in Asia and the first in Hong Kong and the Greater China region. We are proud of our legacy and serving as the spring-board to make this sport what it is in Hong Kong today - many of the gyms were founded by our members and continue to be our friends. Over the years, we have trained CrossFit Regional-level athletes, award-winning body builders, rugby players, boxers, MMA fighters, movement specialists, powerlifters, weightlifters, triathletes, special tactical units, firefighters, yogis, teachers, kids, golfers, executives, lawyers, bankers, apparel makers, and anyone who wanted to make a change in their life. We have shown people what fitness can do.