How does our membership work?

Packages and Pricing

refer a friend and get one free week

Note: All payments must be settled prior to joining classes.

Monthly Membership

Unlimited2,700 HKD
13 sessions per month2,000 HKD
Family 4,500 HKD Per Family Ask Us
Teens (13-18 Yrs) 1,200 HKD
Kids (6-12 Yrs) 500 HKD

Multi-month Options

Air crews 5,400 HKD Ask Us
8 classes pack 2,000 HKD


for non-HK residents only

Drop-in250 HKD
6 classes Traveler Pack 1,200 HKD Ask Us

Note: Drop ins for either 6am or 7am must email us ahead of time and that priority is given to existing members.

New to Asphodel?

please email us to setup the following options

Beginners OnRamp 2,000 HKD


Talk to us in person about the following options

Teacher/ Fire/ Police/ Medical First Responder 20% off
Full-time Student 35% off