Friday 03.09.18 - CrossFit

A. Power Clean + Push Jerk 9 x 1

Every 1 minute, for 9 minutes (9 sets):
Power Clean + Push Jerk

B. 5 Rounds For Time of Toes to Bars and Barbell Thrusters

5 Rounds for Time:
– 10 Toes to Bars
– 10 Barbell Thrusters @ 43/30 kg
Rest 1 minute between each round

C. Alternating Sets: Back to Wall Handstand Hold, GHD Sit-Up

3 sets, for quality, of:
C1. Back to Wall Handstand Hold for 45-60 secondsIf you are able to hold a Handstand comfortably for over 60s and can perform HS Push Ups then Practice your HS Walk 30-50 Feet for C1.C2. 20 GHD Sit-Ups View on WodUp

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