Thursday 08.30.18 - CrossFit

A. Alternating Sets: Close Grip Bench Press, Dual Dumbbell Bent-Over Row

4 sets, for quality, of:
A1. 8 Close Grip Bench Presses
6 Close Grip Bench Presses
4 Close Grip Bench Presses
8 Close Grip Bench Presses
Last set of 8 heavier than first set.A2. 8 Dual Dumbbell Bent-Over Rows

B. 3 Rounds For Time of Rowing, Handstand Push-Ups, and Rope Climbs

3 Rounds for Time:
– 21 Calories of Rowing
– 12 Handstand Push-Ups
– 3 Rope Climbs 15 feet
Time Cap: 12 minutes

Modify the exercises as needed so you can push yourself throughout the workout. For today, choose easier movement options so you can keep moving during the workout and practice more complex versions during your warm-up or cool-down. View on WodUp

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