Tuesday 04.17.18 - CrossFit

A. For Time: Running, Rowing, Assault Bike, and Double-Unders

In teams of 2:

For Time:
– Run 1200 meters
– 80/60 Calories of Rowing
– Run 800 meters
– 50/35 Calories of Assault Bike
– Run 400 meters
– 100 Double-Unders

Both partners complete all of the reps but just alternate until all of the work is completed.

The runs can be broken in 400 and 200m intervals.

B. Alternating Sets: L-Sit, Forearm Front Plank, Deadball Carry

3 sets, for quality, of:
B1. L-Sit for 30 secondsB2. Forearm Front Plank for 30 secondsOne Arm Plank – 30s right and 30s leftB3. Deadball Carry 30 meters View on WodUp

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