Tuesday 11.20.18 - CrossFit

A. 30 minute AMRAP of Hang Power Cleans, Air Squats, and Farmers Walks

In teams of 2:

As Many Rounds and Reps as possible in 30 minutes:
– 30 Hang Power Cleans @ 60/43 kg
– 100 Air Squats
– Farmers Walk 400 meters @ 64/48 kg

Reps can be partitioned however the partners choose.

For the farmers walk one person walks and swaps out with their partner until they have done 400m. 32/24kg per hand.

B. Alternating Sets: Back Extension, Wall Facing Handstand Hold

3 sets, for quality, of:
B1. 12-15 Back ExtensionsB2. Wall Facing Handstand Hold for 30-45 secondsFor more advanced people that can already proficiently hold a chest to wall handstand, work on handstand walks or freestanding handstand holds View on WodUp

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