Wednesday 06.13.18 - CrossFit

A. Alternating Sets: High Hang Snatch, Hang Snatch, Snatch

1 set, for quality, of:
A1. 3 High Hang SnatchesBuild up today’s complex of:
3 High Hang Snatch
2 Hang Snatch
1 Snatch

20 minutes time cap. The complex must be done without letting go of the bar. All snatches must go below parallel. A2. 2 Hang SnatchesA3. 1 Snatch

B. 10 minute EMOM of SkiErg

Every 1 minute for 10 minutes (5 rounds):
Minute 1
– Max Calories of SkiErg
Minute 2
– Rest for 1 minute
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