Naomi Pathela

anthony’s mom

mother of Feel truly blessed to have been recommended to CrossFit Asphodel from a fellow CrossFit Kids mom lover, as there have been numerous benefits deriving from it for both myself and my 5 year old son Anthony.  In our 6 years of living in Hong Kong I have not found anything even remotely like it in terms of service, price and quality of staff.  

For us in particular the location is very convenient and spacious, staff are attentive, friendly, motivated, overflowing with positivity and go above and beyond to ensure that each individual child’s needs are met at their particular level.  

Their service level is almost unheard of in Hong Kong with staff walking you through every step, even for procedures as simple as signing up for classes, etc. 

Despite religiously attending an average of 3 training session per week for the last 6 months or so, Anthony still eagerly anticipates every upcoming session or holiday training camp! 

I have had the pleasure of watching him incrementally gain confidence, practice discipline and grow stronger following each and every session, as well as becoming accustomed to hearing him excitedly tell us about the the happenings of his last session (i.e. who was the strongest, who won the game or which one of his friends showed up for class, etc.) around the dinner table. 

Before Anthony began attending CrossFit Kids he was unable/lacked the motivation to perform acts such as jumping over objects with two feet together, burpees or hanging, despite us trying with him numerous times within the residence playground.   He is now not only able to perform those mentioned above, but has acquired many new physical skills under the training of the wonderful CrossFit Trainers! Yay! 

On a social level, CrossFit Kids maintains a very welcoming, encouraging and fair environment, with many of the children attending being Anthony’s past classmates/best friends, neighbours or familiar acquaintances from other similar activities.  This makes it feel much more than just a gym class and rather more like a family or tight community. 

I could go on but I realise this is becoming far too long.....lol.  With that being said, I would just like to say Thank You CrossFit Kids and we Love You!!

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jack tsai

tanner’s dad

The Crossfit Kids program at Asphodel has been an easy and fun introduction to fitness for my two sons (ages 6 and 3).  The kids' sessions are kept at 45 mins which is just long enough to have a meaningful "workout" yet short enough to hold the kids' attention. 

The coaches, Michelle, Cris, and Joy all think of creative and fun ways to explain the fitness movements ("sit like a gorilla") to keep the kids engaged. 

If your kids have tried other sports or active programs and have been bored, highly recommend to try Asphodel!  Sometimes when the kids are playing dodgeball as part of the class, I feel like joining in as well!

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Laura holden

jade’s mom

My daughter, Jade, has been taking part in Crossfit Kids classes for over 6 months now since she turned 4 years old. It is the first activity that she has really engaged in and thoroughly enjoys. 

Jade's confidence, strength and agility has improved significantly since she began. She now takes great pride in telling friends and family of her Crossfit accomplishments.

Crossfit Kids classes are extremely well planned and run by some of the most professional coaches I have encountered. We always leave the Crossfit box feeling happy and energised with big smiles on our faces thanks to the excellent program and coaches.

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